REI comes to MDI

The Racial Equity Institute is coming to Mount Desert Island! The Phase I workshop (Foundational Training in Historical and Institutional Racism) will be held later this month at the United Church of Christ in Northeast Harbor. Check out the details below:

Racial Equity Institute Phase I Training
Foundational Training in Historical and Institutional Racism
October 17–18
Sponsored by the MDI Racial Equity Working Group

Racism shapes the functioning and outcomes of all institutions in America. From urban economic development to rural agriculture, from child welfare to criminal justice systems, racial inequity is found across our country and state, even as people of all races struggle to make ends meet. Even those who are aware of and concerned about racial disparities often nd it challenging to understand how racism functions in its contemporary forms.

With a wealth of historical, economic, and other data, The Racial Equity Institute’s skilled facilitators foster thoughtful analysis and dialogue. This two-day, interactive workshop helps participants understand how race and racism have been constructed in the US and how ideas about racism live in our unconscious minds, institutions, and social structures. This workshop is designed for people of all backgrounds who are committed to understanding and eliminating racism. It provides an analysis that helps participants gain clarity about how racism is organized, how it is often hidden from our view, and how to work to disrupt its powerful influence.


The workshop runs Wednesday and Thursday, October 17 and 18, from 8:30–5:00, at the Parish House of the UCC Church in Northeast Harbor. Participants are expected to attend for the entirety of the workshop. A light continental breakfast and lunch are provided. The cost is $250/person. Full and partial scholarships are available. Contact Dave Feldman at or 207 266.6941 for details.

Register here

About the Racial Equity Institute

The Racial Equity Institute (REI) is an alliance of trainers and organizers, established in 2007, that is committed to bringing awareness and analysis to the root causes of disparities and disproportionality in order to create racially equitable systems.

Our work is largely aligned with that of similar anti-racist training programs and our aim is to contribute to a larger movement comprised of many actors formulating actions designed to advance justice and equity. Our approach builds on the work of the larger anti-racist movement and includes renements and innovations based on our senior trainers’ many years of experience in organizing projects, trainings, and consultations across the United States. We always maintain a movement approach and remain focused on organizing toward institutional change with equitable and just outcomes for people of color. We recognize many intersecting oppressions, but our belief is that racism is the glue that connects all oppressions, and thus our focus is on race and the injustices that stem from racialized history and belief systems that are reected in American culture and institutions.

Our theory of change is based on the following assumptions and observations:
1. Racial inequity in the United States looks the same across systems;
2. Systems contribute signicantly to disparities;
3. Poor outcomes are concentrated in particular geographic communities usually poor communities and communities of color;
4. Systemic interventions and training can work to change thinking, reduce disparities, and improve outcomes for all populations;
5. Change requires commitment.

Learn more about REI

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